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Energy Audit 

An energy audit and efficiency analysis will include an inventory and examination of many different structural areas and mechanical systems in your business that could be wasting your company precious time and money. 
Utility Audit
A utility audit can reveal mistakes in billing, overcharges and mis-categorization of your business's billing rate.  It happens more often than you think. Our team of seasoned energy managers will identify mistakes and work directly with the utility company to refund any over charges you are due.      


Project Design


Consensus Energy will create a customized solution to improve system reliability and reduce costs.  This may include:
  • New LED lighting
  • A custom designed energy management system
  • HVAC and refrigeration additives and/or variable speed motors
  • Capacitor banks and load balancing
  • Compressor leak analysis & repair
  • Steam and water conservation systems
Solutions are passive and non-intrusive.  Our goal is to improve your system operations without changing  the way you do business.
Our projects typically have a payback of between typically 2-5 years.
Financing and Incentives

Capital for an energy-efficiency upgrade is  simple for qualified applicants. Consensus Energy has access to a number of sources for low interest financing, tax incentives, and utility rebates. A well-designed upgrade can provide your business with a positive cash flow from day one.
Click here for a 30 second animation on our Commercial Garage Shared Savings Program.

Evaluation, Measurement and Verification
Consensus Energy will monitor the success of a project after installation to ensure the savings promised were delivered! 
Let's get started!
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