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Do it Right the First Time!

Parabolic lens designed for 3 T8 lamps, replaced with 2 LED Tubes. Notice the bad shadow down the middle. Do you think the property owner is happy with the new look?

We run across lighting retrofit jobs all the time that are poorly thought out.

There’s more to a lighting upgrade than simply replacing lamps.

When the decision is made to upgrade lighting to LED, managers ought to take the opportunity to reconsider how to best light a room. Are lights redundant? Are there areas that are under lit? Are sensors free of obstructions? Rooms can change from when they were first designed

These are easy questions for lighting professionals to asses.

Simply replacing bulbs is the least expensive option, sure, but after 10 - 15 years, the fixture itself has probably outlived its useful life. Tomb stones wear out, ballasts are bad, covers are cracked, reflectors are rusting.

Why not do it right?

There are dozens of excellent and affordable LED light fixtures on the market. A good consultant should bring you options that actually upgrade your lighting as well as save you money in the long term. Putting up 2 LED tubes into a fixture designed for three (see above) will leave shadowing. (We can fix this, by the way!) Often the light looks worse than before.

We have seen cheap corn cobb mogul lamps installed in wet, outdoor metal halide fixtures, LED tubes put in industrial T5 high bay troffers, light sensors installed in high dust areas and more! The projects often have to be re done after just a few short months.

Do yourself a favor, call a consultant who knows what they’re doing. You won’t regret getting it done right the first time!

A brand new LED 'plug and play' tube installed into a fixture that has long out lived its useful life. Yuck!

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